Carol Hapke
Language: Mirawoong
Region: Kununurra
Dreaming: Goorgoojing (Frogmouth)

I was born and bred on Ivanhoe Station. I grew up with all the old people and now I have three kids of my own. I am closely connected with the Newry family by my Ngarragoo name which is Begoodarng. This was given to me by name and by skin. The old people taught us everything - about country, bushtucker, bush medicine, language, our relationship to each other - kinship, how to respect the law and how to work. I have worked lots with aboriginal organisations trying to work to make things better for our people. I started painting only recently. I did this because I was getting too stressed and it was not good for my health. I sit with my country now and do my
art. I engrave boabs and sometimes paint about the bushtucker, birds & animals around my community. Mostly now I paint the country that is here made by the dreaming stories.