Cyril Whyoulter

Cyril Whyoulter grew up in Parnngurr and Punmu communities, and now lives with his wife and children in Newman WA. His mother's and father's country is Jartuti, and he is the grandson of deceased Martu artist Pinyirr and senior Martumili artist Bugai Whyoulter.

Cyril started out by learning to colour in pencil from his grandfather Larry Patterson. "My mum's father came from Kirriwirri in the North. I can paint that way too. I like painting, it's a good way to learn from old people, keep the stories going. Yunkurra (Billy Atkins), my nyamu (grandfather), he's guiding me about what I can paint and share. My closest family is the Taylor mob; uncle Muuki, Wokka, and Ngalangka. They help me too."

Usually depicting his family’s Country, Cyril paints traditional stories of waterholes, sand hills and waterways in his own distinct style – a merging of his family’s influential painting tradition with his personal unique visual language.

In 2015 Cyril’s work was included for the first time in a Revealed exhibition and, once again, his work has the honour of being selected – hosted by Fremantle Arts Centre in April, the Revealed 2017 exhibition will showcase the best of emerging artists from WA’s Aboriginal art centres.

(Source: Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA)