Dearne Reynolds
Skin name: Wiradjuri
Region: Sydney

Dearne Reynolds is a Wiradjuri woman who grew up in Sydney's Northern Suburbs. Her artistic skills stem from a passion of traditional Aboriginal art fused with modern contemporary design.

Her Aboriginal heritage can be traced to the western plains of New South Wales where her family, members of the Wiradjuri tribe called home.

The Wiradjuri people are the first inhabitants of the Bathurst district and have been living there for at least 40,000 years. The Wiradjuri people are the people of the mountains, rivers and plains whose heritage is rich and ancient.

The Wiradjuri were the largest Aboriginal group in New South Wales. They occupied a large area in central New South Wales, from the Blue Mountains in the east, to Hay in the west, north to Nyngan and south to Albury: the South Western slopes region.

The Wiradjuri tribal area has been described as "the land of the three rivers, the Wambool later known as the Macquarie, the Kalare later known as the Lachlan and the Murrumbidgee. The Murray River formed the Wiradjuri's southern boundary, the change from woodland to open grassland formed their eastern boundary.