Kathy Nicholls
Language: Wiradjuri / Yorta Yorta
Region: Wadi Wadi VIC | Yorta Yorta VIC | Ngarrindjeri SA
Exhibitions: Koori Heritage Trust
Awards: Lend Lease Reconciliation Award 2014

Kathy Nicholls is the grandchild of the late Sir Doug Nicholls, noted footballer as well as the first Aboriginal person to be knighted and the first to be appointed to vice-regal office (he served as Governor of South Australia in the 1970s). The suburb of Nicholls in Canberra is also named after him.

Kathy was born in Swan Hill in Victoria, where her parents took the family into the bush on a regular basis for walks and camps along the Murray River, handing down the knowledge about the environment - land, water, sky, animals and trees and to identify the plant life, trees and shrubs.

Kathy’s interest in the environment was the trees and what they offered – bark, sap, leaves, beautiful flowers and seed pods.

Her mother and grandmother handed down to her the skills of weaving. Kathy chose to take on a different form of weaving using string and seed pods.